• Welcome to Common Core for the Rochester City School District
    This video is about the Common Core Standards and the
    upcoming Grade 3-8 state assessments in English language arts and math: 
    Relax, rest, then do your best! 
    Information for parents about the Common Core assessments taking place April 14th through 24th, and tips for helping your child do his or her best on the test. DOWNLOAD NOW.
    What does success look like for our students?
    Common Core Standards serve as a guidepost for educators – so that we can ensure that every student across New York is on track for college and career success.
    The New York State Education Department has adopted Common Core Learning Standards for English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics for P-K through grade 12.  These standards will be the basis of curriculum and instruction.  They will also be the basis of the state assessments beginning with the 2012-2013 school year. The Common Core Standards have been adopted by most states across the nation.
    What are the Common Core Learning Standards?
    The Common Core Learning Standards are broad statements of outcomes that provide a consistent and clear understanding of what students are expected to learn so that teachers and parents can help them.
    Where did they come from?
    The Common Core State Standards initiative was led by the National Governors Association for Best Practices and the Council of Chief State School Officers – this is a national body of all Commissioners of Education.