•  The Office of Labor Relations
    The Office of Labor Relations oversees all labor matters for the District.  This includes collective bargaining with the five unions representing the District’s employees.  We provide counseling and support to all administrators and department managers regarding contract interpretation, grievance response,  and all labor questions.  It is our job to oversee the implementation of all labor contracts and memorandums of agreement, manage all grievance matters, respond to daily union issues.


    The Office of Labor Relations promotes and maintains harmonious District/Union relationships as well as ensures that the labor relations function is carried out in a manner that reflects the core principles of shared responsibility, commitment to worker development and professional responsibility.

    Contact Information: 


    Meghan Lynch Abate
    Director of Labor Relations
    131 West Broad Street

    Rochester, NY  14614

    Phone: 262-8727
    Email:  meghan.abate@rcsdk12.org
    Mailaika Rivera
    Personnel Clerk
    131 West Broad Street
    Rochester, NY 14614
    Phone: 262-8727