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    Diversity, Leadership and Coaching

    Diversity is important to a quality education, the workplace, society and the world. A person’s willingness to reflect can provide an opportunity to apply acquired knowledge about diversity and leadership. Reflection helps develop well-rounded teachers and leaders to be equipped to deal with most situations.  An alignment of one’s personal and professional beliefs paves the way for everyone to really assess what is known, who he/she really is, and what he/she can do.  Knowledge is power, and knowledge will equip all of us to forge ahead to be Diversity-centered leaders. 

    Diversity-Centered Leadership means diversity is the foundation of who you are and it stabilizes your existence.  We must work together to create inclusive environments, embrace change and the unfamiliar with open hearts and minds to obtain equal learning access for all of our students. 

    The Teaching and Learning Department (T&L) realizes that the creation, distribution, and use of information is at the core of our daily lives. To equitably distribute information and resources, a designee from each school has been identified to bring resources and information to the school library for everyone to access. 

    In the words of Ghandi, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”  In my role as Executive Director of Coaching and Diversity-Centered Leadership, I look forward to seeing you at workshops and events to enhance your leadership skills and develop an inclusive environment.  Let’s work together in being more mindful of our spoken words and behaviors. This will make each of us more knowledgeable, empowered and effective change agents.
    My daily work is grounded in this quote: “We all should know that diversity makes    for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value, no matter what their color”.  (Anonymous)  




    Tyra Denée Lewis Ed.D

    Executive Director of Coaching and Diversity-Centered Leadership


     Contact Information:


    Dr. Tyra Denée Lewis

    Rochester City School District

    131 West Broad Street

    Rochester, NY 14614
    Telephone: (585) 262-8217

    Email: tyra.lewis@rcsdk12.org