• Welcome to Equitable Student Funding
    In 2008, the District implemented its five-year strategic plan focusing on three core values -- achievement, equity, and accountability. Equitable Student Funding focuses primarily on equity; however, it impacts all three core values. In order to achieve the results needed to ensure our students graduate with the skills to be successful in the global economy, we had to look at how we were allocating funds to our schools.
    Equitable Student Funding is a funding mechanism used to distribute dollars to schools using a student need-based formula. It is designed to support increased school autonomy giving principals the freedom and flexibility needed to align resources with the needs of the students, the school’s academic plan, and the District’s strategic plan. Increased autonomy will allow principals to better design schools to meet their students’ needs.
    Across the country, school Districts alike are making changes in response to cost pressure and the need to adapt to a modern educational design. Equitable Student Funding is a transition from the industrial model to the information age model. Centrally held controls will begin to decrease and central office will take on the role of an advisor, providing guidance to our schools.
    Just like the strategic plan, equitable student funding is a living process, subject to constant revisions due to economic changes, diversity in grants received, and a need for increased skills for school administration.