Assessment and NYS Testing

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    The Department of Assessment and Testing oversees the K-12 assessment and testing program throughout the Rochester City School District for all State and local exams.  Our department is responsible for developing the local RCSD assessment calendar in collaboration with our colleagues in the Teaching and Learning Division, as well as other important stakeholders.

    In addition, our department coordinates with building Assessment Coordinators to support the administration and scoring processes associated with the New York State Testing Program for grades 3-8, the New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test (NYSESLAT) for our English Language Learner students, the New York State Alternate Assessment (NYSAA) for our students with severe cognitive disabilities, and the New York State Regents exams for grades 9-12.  
    Once scoring is complete, members of our department are responsible for uploading scoring results to the initial level of the NYS Data Warehouse.  Results of the New York State exams have a direct bearing on both individual school accountability and on our overall district’s accountability.