Office of Accountability

  • Accountability is charged with ensuring that the District complies with local, State, and federal accountability requirements.  This department also focuses on supporting buildings by helping schools not only interpret the various data we provide them, but also train them on effective utilization of data to impact student achievement.

    Capacity-Building in our schools, undertaken by several of the Office of Accountability’s highly trained professionals, focuses on helping school leadership to utilize data effectively to impact student achievement.  The Office of Accountability not only interprets the various data provided to our schools, but also trains the leadership on analyzing and comprehending the data to inform instruction.  Professional development training occurs at Central Office, 690 St. Paul, individual schools or various other sites as needed.  Training content includes, but is not limited to:

    • Data Warehouse (SIRS);
    • Research, Evaluation and Testing Data Notebook;
    • Research, Evaluation and Testing Web Site;
    • Assessment Results;
    • Item, Cluster and Error Analysis and Interpretation