Youth Engagement and Cultural Relations

  • About Us
    Youth Engagement and Cultural Engagement is responsible for the integration and management of student and family support services to enhance students' social-emotional and academic performance.  Our goal is to produce productive members in society, future leaders and life-long learners.The Department offers a wide range of comprehensive services and strategies with opportunities for removing the complex factors that interfere with student learning.
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    Our Initiatives
    Student Leadership Congress
    Engage students by working with principals and their designees to establish meaningful student government organizations at schools.  The Student Leadership Congress (SLC) is designed to ensure that student voices are amplified from the respective schools to the Superintendent and Board of Education.  The SLC leader functions as the student representative on the Board of Education, and makes a student report at each board meeting.  The SLC is comprised of students from various high schools.  The SLC holds monthly meetings at Central Office.  Included in these responsibilities is the coordination of an end cultural enrichment trip for the SLC leadership.

    Camp Good Days Leadership Camp
    One week summer leadership camp for 70-80 district students who are transitioning from 6th to 7th grade.  The camp is held in August each year.  The students are generally selected by the schools.  A series of orientation meetings are coordinated to explain the camp objectives and required documentation to parents and guardians. These meetings are held monthly starting in February and culminate in July.  There is an expressed expectation that students become leaders in their various schools.  Their attendance, behavior and academic results are monitored throughout the year as a means to validate the efficacy of the camp.