Office of School Innovation

  • Welcome to the Office of School Innovation, the driving force behind transformative education in the Rochester City School District. Committed to fostering continuous improvement and academic excellence, our office serves as the catalyst for positive change within our schools. At the heart of our mission is a dedication to shaping innovative strategies that empower educators and enhance student outcomes.

    As a dynamic hub of educational progress, the Office of School Innovation spearheads initiatives that propel schools toward excellence. Through collaborative efforts, we guide schools in developing effective School Improvement Plans, ensuring a targeted approach to growth that aligns with the goals of the New York State Education Department.

    Our team, composed of dedicated professionals and visionary leaders, brings a wealth of experience. We are here to inspire, support, and collaborate with schools as they navigate the continuous improvement cycle, addressing challenges and celebrating successes. 

    Whether you are an educator, administrator, or community member, the Office of School Innovation invites you to join us in shaping a future where every student thrives, and every school excels. Together, let's innovate, educate, and elevate the educational experience for all in the Rochester City School District.

    Office of School Innovation Mission

    Provide a comprehensive system of support for school innovation and the turnaround of low-achieving schools

    Core Strategies

    • Provide access to information and models of best practice
    • Create professional communities of practice across the District
    • Connect schools to key change partners and partner organizations
    • Promote high-quality school design through funding and outreach