• The Office of the School Chiefs
    The Office of the School Chiefs provides supervision of school principals that ensures the alignment and implementation of goals and objectives to District priorities and the District Comprehensive Improvement Plans (DCIP). Also provided is support to ensure the development of instructional management systems relevant to the needs of students within the school setting. To enhance the leadership capacity of principals, monthly meetings of all principals are held to focus on transformational leadership decision-making characteristics designed to improve student achievement with a focus on literacy and school-level decision making relative to operational issues. Monthly first-year principals' meetings were designed to build leadership capacity that improves instructional delivery, student achievement, parental involvement, and community partnerships. In summary, the main role and responsibility of school chiefs in the District is to support the work of schools and the development of professional learning communities within each school. These roles are designed to improve student achievement through research-based instructional practice using assessment for learning as the foundation.
    School Chiefs each oversee a specific focus for the District:

    To contact the Office of the School Chiefs, please call 262-8607.