• Information About...The Department of Human Services Systems
    The Department of Human Services Systems supports schools and students by providing administrative oversight of the District's Student & Family Support Centers in which community agencies deliver social-emotional services and supports to students. The department also oversees the development and implementation of research-based drug and violence prevention programs, such as mentoring, positive youth development initiatives, and character education. It also aims to increase access to mental health treatment and services through the district's Safe Schools/Healthy Students grant.
    The department is also responsible for :
    • Facilitating community participation in efforts related to the development of safe and supportive schools.
    • Representing the District in collaborations and cross systems planning with other major systems such as the City, County, United Way, Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency, and others community organizations.
    • Managing and accountability for local funding and various State and Federal grants which support the work and mission of the department.
    • Planning and management of Title IV, ESD/SVP, and other RCSD initiatives.
    • Community Planning and Evaluation for Student & Family Support Centers, Mental Health Services, with State Ed. & Community School Partnership Network.
    To contact the Department of Human Services Systems, please call 262-8228.