• Welcome to the Department of Mathematics 

    The Department of Mathematics is a division of the Office of Teaching & Learning of the Rochester City School District. The Department coordinates and supports the implementation of standard-aligned curricula, quality instruction, assessments, and professional development while keeping equity at the center.

    Our mission of the Mathematics Department is to ensure equitable, high-quality mathematics learning for every student within the district, where they see and value the beauty of mathematics, and are empowered by the opportunities mathematics affords.

    Our vision is that our students are resourceful problem solvers, who think critically using mathematical reasoning to solve real-world problems, seeking out the use of appropriate tools and resources. Orally and in writing, students communicate their ideas and results clearly by using precise mathematical language. They value mathematics and engage actively in learning.

    2022-2023 Priority Areas for the Mathematics Department 

    1. Support schools in Adapting and Implementing a Common Standard-Aligned Math Curricula K-12.
    2. Support educators and leaders in creating equitable opportunities for all students to engage in meaningful, rigorous math instruction.
    3. Design Professional Learning for educators and leaders to increase understanding of learning standards, Standards-Aligned Math curricula, and equity-based practices to ensure equitable outcomes for all students.
    4. Develop a comprehensive assessment plan to monitor Standard-Aligned learning and inform instruction.  
    5. Establish strong partnerships with families and the community to increase students' numeracy in younger grades.

    2022-2023 Instructional Goals for the Mathematics Department ( Click here)