Department of English Language Arts and Literacy K-12

  • Mission: We work with building leaders, educators, and families across the district to provide equitable opportunities for all students to engage in grade-level, rigorous ELA learning experiences where they are seen, heard, valued, and their identities are affirmed.    
    Vision: We envision our students to be aspiring learners, who think critically, and persevere in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. They communicate precisely using evidence and sound reasoning. Through developing advanced literacies, all students will be provided a set of skills and competencies that enable communication, spoken and written, in increasingly various ways and with increasingly diverse audiences.  
    Sandra Galbato Kunsman
    Sandra Galbato Kunsman
    Executive Director of ELA and Reading
    (585)262-8222 |
    Amy L. Joseph
    Elementary Teacher on Assignment (K-5)
    James Lukens
    Secondary Teacher on Assignment (6-12)