• Accounts Payable  

           Accounts Payable is responsible for the timely and accurate processing of payments for all goods and services procured by the District.  This includes payment of vendor invoices, direct payment requests, employee reimbursements, and other miscellaneous expenses in adherence with RCSD policies and procedures, as well as governmental rules and regulations.  Accounts Payable acknowledges the importance of maintaining positive relationships with our vendors and the RCSD community and is committed to providing the highest level of customer service. As a result, we are able to support the work of giving each student a quality education in the Rochester City School District. (Contact at the bottom of this page).


             A purchase order is the standard authorization required for all District purchases of goods and services. Every purchase order originates with a requisition submitted by an authorized requester to the Purchasing Department. After a requisition is reviewed and approved by the Purchasing Department, a purchase order number is issued and funds are designated (encumbered) within the associated budget. Once issued, a purchase order serves as an official contract with a vendor to provide goods or services.

             When goods or services are received, it is the responsibility of the requester to promptly enter a receipt against the purchase order in E-Procurement within PeopleSoft. Payment will not be made on any requisitioned goods or services until a receipt is entered. For more information on receiving in PeopleSoft, please refer to the Purchasing Manual and/or the information located on the Purchasing Department SharePoint site.

             Vendors are instructed to submit all invoices directly to Accounts Payable. If you receive an invoice at a department or school, please send the invoice to Accounts Payable immediately. Make sure that you have entered a receipt in PeopleSoft for the goods/services purchased.

             Certain types of purchases are less predictable in nature and cannot be requisitioned. These purchases are not issued a purchase order and are referred to as direct payments. The District policy regarding direct payments is provided below.


            The term "direct payments" refers to all payments made to vendors when no purchase order is available. All direct payments are processed electronically via Concur payment request. Generally, governmental accounting requirements are such that a purchase order is mandatory for all purchases. The purpose of this section is to establish uniform procedures and guidelines for District staff to follow that specify when it is permissible to initiate a purchase without a purchase order.

             Items Acceptable for Direct Payment           

    Description Account Code
    Pupil Accidents 5414
    Independent Evaluations 5415
    Travel In District 5424
    Travel Out Of District 5425
    Membership Fees/Non-Student Subscriptions 5426
    Testifying Fees 5432
    Professional Development 5433
    Admissions/Tournament Fees 5439
    Postage 5462
    Driver License Testing 5466
    Health Serv-Othr Dist 5473
    Temporary Staff 5485
    Scholarships 5481
    Permits and Fees 5482
    Sports Officials 5486
    Adjustment & Disallowance 5492
    Judgments & Claims 5493
    Tool/Safety Shoe Allowance 5535
    State Teachers Retirement 5813
    Life Insurance 5816
    Health Insurance - Ret Empl 5819
    Dental Insurance Civ Serv 5820
    Unemployment Insurance 5822
    Workers Compensation 5823
    Employee Assistance Program 5824
    Tuition Reimbursement 5825
    Moving Cost 5826
    Health Insurance FSA Fee


    Reimbursable SAF Payments Requiring 1099  
    Debt Service  

     *Any items that do not appear on the above list require a purchase order or P-card payment

             Required Documentation

             The District requires receipts or detailed invoices from the servicing vendor in order to process a Concur payment request. All Concur payment requests without complete documentation will be returned to the requesting employee. See Concur Invoice User Guide for instructions on how to properly submit a payment request with required documentation.

             Required Approvals

             All Direct Payments must be approved by the budget manager of record in PeopleSoft of the department ID being utilized to make the direct payment. If the direct payment is for reimbursement or services for the department manager against the department manager’s own budget, then the department manager’s direct supervisor’s approval is required. Approval by the Superintendent is required for staff reporting directly to him/her or any exceptions to this policy.

             It is the responsibility of the authorized approver to examine the expenditure for propriety and to ensure that sufficient funds are available within the budget.

    Procurement (P) Cards

    The P-Card program is designed to streamline the process for smaller purchases within District purchasing rules and regulations.  Each account carries certain limitations, such as single purchase transaction limits, billing cycle dollar limits, and prohibited items. The program is set up to allow up to a $2,000 single transaction limit and a billing cycle purchase limit of $10,000. Transactions cannot be split to avoid this restriction and all transactions must be tax-exempt. Cardholders are responsible for completing a monthly reconciliation procedure via Concur Expense. All cardholders and supervisors must read and sign the P-Card Procedures

    To apply for a P-Card, contact concur@rcsdk12.org

    For more information, visit the Purchasing Department's  P-Card web page. 


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    Concur Invoice Training Videos:

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    The Accounts Payable Department can be reached via email at: accountspayable@rcsdk12.org.
    The email is monitored Monday-Friday and all invoice and payment inquiries will be filtered to the correct rep.
    If you need to speak to someone directly, the current vendor distribution is as follows:


    A-E, W-Z : Sue Harriff 262-8122

    N-V : Kathy Stewart-Iles 262-8123

    F-M : Tim Stout 262-8120