• The Rochester City School District’s Grants Team is comprised of the Department of Financial Management and the Office of Grants and Program Accountability.  These two departments work collaboratively to support the entire grants lifecycle, from research, initiation, planning through monitoring, revenue requests, and the final fiscal report. The Department of Financial Management advises the financial requirements of grant awards to program delivery teams to support compliance with RCSD and Grant Funders’ fiscal policies and procedures. The Department of Financial Management prides itself with sound financial management, strategies, and fiscal accountability of grant funds.
  • Vision

    Maximize grant revenue to support the Superintendent’s initiatives to improve educational outcomes for students by implementing innovative high-quality programs.


    Provide program and instructional staff with accurate fiscal information, strategic analysis, and support with grant proposals, amendments, and fiscal reporting to obtain revenue necessary to implement grant programs.  In addition, offer strategies and support during  budget development.


    • Assist Superintendent, Chief Financial Officer, and Management Cabinet with special projects by providing a high degree of independent judgement, problem solving, and decision making.
    • Manage the responsibility for securing official approval of federal, state, local, foundation, and corporate grant funding.
    • Provide support to the budget director for the planning, development, and implementation of the District's annual budget.
    • Prepare presentations, provide answers, and customer service for parent groups and other stakeholders regarding District budget development and grant programs.
    • Provide grant budgets, fiscal analysis and grant budget amendment assistance to District management, Program Delivery Team and Office of Grants and Program Accountability.
    • Assist with the development and compliance of appropriate fiscal policies and procedures and software changes to safeguard District resources.
    • Provide grant monitors, schools, and program delivery teams with fiscal assistance writing grants for approved projects supporting the Superintendent’s initiatives.
    • Obtain grant revenue, maintain documentation and monitor cash flow to support grant revenue requests.
    • Provide grant monitors and program delivery teams with fiscal information and analysis to support grant amendments and closeouts.
    • File necessary federal, state, county, local, and corporate fiscal reports to maximize revenue.
    • Monitor legislative changes in educational reform and grant requirements.
    • Provide support to District’s legal team regarding contracts from funding agencies.
    • Lead District Team for Federal, State, County, and local grant audits.